This is a topic that many triathletes don't talk about too much either because of embarrassment or fear. But it is a REAL concern to some so I will address it right here. I am coming from the perspective of AFTER the fact. In other words, I am talking about what you can do to calm down after a panic at...

As athletes we can be extremely hard on our body. Whether you are a body builder, a runner, a soccer player, or a triathlete you are constantly pushing your musculoskeletal system to it's limits. 

Competing in your sport brings you an incredible amount of joy and fulfillment, and the thought of having t...


It is responsible for SOOOO much yet we sometimes ignore it all too often. It controls just about everything from how well you race on race day to how you internalize failure or success. 

As a business owner, we take a HUGE risk when we put everything we have into DOING WHAT WE LOVE. About a yea...

June 7, 2018

You are BUSY. Chances are you are mom or dad and you are working full time. Your kids are in sports after school with games on the weekends. Or you are a busy professional working 60+ hours a week. Life is BUSY and sometimes fitting in your workouts is a HUGE challenge.

If you've signed up for an Iron d...

Summer 2018. I heard somebody say today that it is expected to be an extra HOT summer in Texas this year. To me it's always hot in Texas, but I love it. For others, well they want to work out indoors or in the shade and I totally get that. 

As endurance athletes we have to be careful in the heat. I...

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