Just imagine where you could be this time next year if you simply START...
One year ago right now I knew I was headed for some serious down time with injuries on both of my ankles. I'll be totally honest with you that this was a HARD year for me because I knew what I was facing with surgery and dow...

From what I have seen as a trainer, core strength is a pretty good predictor of your overall level of fitness. We use our core for just about every move we make, although we don't think about it very often. A strong core doesn't mean that you can do a lot of crunches or sit ups. It has to be built over...

There is so much out there in the way of strength training for the triathlon. Every certification has their own ideas of what should be included in a good strength training program for athletes. Because I am a trainer myself, I have a few of my favorites that I want to share with you in the video below...

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