1. Spend time in the saddle. This means ride often. Like any other endurance sport, you need to put in the time to build your base, build strength, and get FASTER. I recommend 3-4 times a week with a key high intensity ride with intervals, a strength ride with hills or tempo efforts, and one long ride...

I have been doing TRX since 2009 when I got certified to teach it. I started teaching it on the Marine Corps base to a room full of active duty Marines and Sailors aboard Parris Island. If you want to work your CORE like no other workout you've ever done, then you need to start doing TRX! 

The TRX can b...

The swim is the probably the greatest deterrent to triathlon. Most people are familiar with riding a bicycle and running, but when it comes to the swim they are in unfamiliar territory. 

When I started training for my very first triathlon, I almost called it quits before I even began. The thought of get...

Ok I speak HONESTLY and from the heart.

Many of you who follow my personal page or my business page know that I have been struggling with injury the past year or so. I could write an entire book about this honestly, but I will try to keep this as brief as I can.

A few years ago I thought about completely...

For almost every run workout for my athletes I incorporate running form drills to improve speed, agility, technique, and run form. Running drills not only improve coordination and form, but they can strengthen functionally weak area's of an athlete's run. 

I like to warm up my athletes with a half mile...

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