The swim is often the barrier to triathlon. I know this is true because I myself hesitated to even attempt a triathlon because I wasn't a swimmer. Well, I hadn't swam competitively since middle school. I was content to run and ride the bike and be happy. One day though, I was out riding with a triathlo...

I've been a trainer for over 12 years now and a triathlon coach for about 4 years.  I've seen many clients come and go, and the ones that make the biggest impression on me are the ones who TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for their own success. They are the ones who 

1. Show up on time. That's right they are ne...

I am a huge fan of the running gait analysis for several reasons. If you've ever had one done, it usually involves the use of a treadmill, track, or open area where you can be videoed from the front, side, and from the back. Most of what I have learned about running gait analysis is from Ironman Univer...

As athletes we are continuously pushing our bodies to the limit. We train hard for weeks at a time, take a few weeks off then start it all over again. Our bodies can take a beating, but there is much you can do to keep it healthy so it works at it's best. STRETCHING is one of these things. Flexibility...

There's nothing like that feeling of crossing the finish line on race day knowing you gave it your all. Whether you had a podium finish or a personal best, you need to take a moment to sit back and congratulate yourself. Completing an iron distance event, a Spartan Beast, or a Marathon are all major ac...

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