OK so this week I had EVERY intention of working hard in my business, getting in some good training rides, 2 or 3 strength sessions, 3 solid swims, and a few runs. I am getting ready for vacation and I know I won't be on a regular schedule, so this week I was banking on getting in some good workouts an...

Have you guys had your RUNNING GAIT analyzed yet? It's a super simple test where I video you running in slo-mo at the track. I take a shot from the front, back, and lateral views. I got through the clip frame by frame and take note of your positioning for the following: head, shoulders, arms, hands, hi...

The core is at the center of the body, and I think of it as the body's headquarters. Everything else including hips, pelvis, lower back, work in conjunction with the core. If the core is strong, then everything attached to it works from a solid foundation. I once had a Navy Physical Therapist tell me t...

BMI which is Body Mass Index is a number used to describe your weight in relation to your height. It is calculated with the following formula:

BMI= kg/m squared where kg is a person's weight in kilograms and m squared is their height in meters squared. If your BMI falls between 18.5 and 24.9 you are con...

Somebody asked me the other day what my philosophy on training is. Although this has changed over the years it usually comes down to this: 

If you want to see a significant gain in your fitness level, you must be working out REGULARLY overloading your muscles so that there is a gradual adaptation and in...

Swimming is all about EFFICIENCY in the water. It’s pretty simple- the better your swim economy the faster you will move through the water. You won’t really know what your swim actually looks like, however, until you have someone else take a thorough look.


I HIGHLY recommend a swim gait analysis if you...

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