Your glutes are the largest muscle in your body yet the most underused. I've learned this over years of cycling and running. We become more prone to injury when we force our limbs to do all of the work when we exercise. When we bike, the focus is on pushing the pedals down and pulling them up with our...

 Winter is here. For those who live in colder climates, the trainer, the treadmill, and a heated pool are friends. The shorter days mean waking up and coming home when it's dark outside. This can make it hard to stay motivated to get your workouts in, especially when the temperatures are below freezing...

Your core is the center of your strength. We use it for just about everything, most of the time without thinking about it. We use it in swimming for trunk and hip rotation. We engage our core on the bike because we need to hold ourselves in the aero position for several hours at a time. Runners use the...

It happens to many of us. We train hard and long for our “A” race. We spend hours at the gym, on the bike, on the trails and in the water getting ready for an event which is important to us. We put everything we have into our training in the hopes of a podium finish, a personal best, or a victory over...

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