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If you are a triathlete with tight hip flexors then READ THIS! There is a REASON for your tightness! Pretty much the LONGEST part of your race is the BIKE portion- for some of you this can mean up to 6 or 7 hours of your ironman race. If you look at the positioning of your body while riding your hip flexors are FLEXED the entire time while in the sitting position. Then after 110 miles you are asking your body to do you a HUGE favor and run 26 miles expecting those hip flexors to now EXTEND for a 3-5 hours while you do your marathon. This is extremely stressful to your body so that's why keeping your hip flexors healthy is so important. There are all kinds of stretches for Hip Flexors, but one of my favorites is from the PiYo workout. This stretch is called the PiYobra to Child Pose. I usually repeat this about 10 times with 4-8 counts on the extension then 4-8 counts on the flexion. I focus on pressing my hips to the ground while inhaling on the PiYobra and rounding out my back as much as possible while exhaling on the Child Pose. Trust me, it feels WONDERFUL. Your lower back and hip flexors will love you for it! WATCH THIS VIDEO!

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