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How I Feel When People Disrespect Our Flag

Ok I will start by saying that in this country you have the right to express your opinion out loud about anything- free speech is a beautiful benefit you enjoy because you live in the United States. It's your first Amendment right as a US Citizen. You will almost NEVER hear me talk about politics on social media. The way I see it, when you talk about political issues you are GUARANTEED to almost always piss somebody off in some way. Words are offensive when you feel strongly about something.

But in my book, our flag is different. It's what unites us ONE NATION UNDER GOD, no matter what your political party. I have lived among those who would give their life to protect it for over 28 years. I even witnessed first hand some who died for it.

I have been to funerals of Marines and watched the folding of the flag placing it in the hands of the widow as taps is played.

The United States Flag.

It represents what makes us the greatest nation on earth. The only existing super power with the most state of the art military in the world. We live in freedom because there are elite forces in place protecting it at all times. We sleep well at night because somebody's 18 year old kid is on top of a deserted building somewhere in Kabul holding a weapon and taking bullets day and night. Most people don't even think about this.

Honestly I am DEEPLY saddened when I see our NFL players wandering onto the field during the playing of our national anthem as our amazing flag is flying high. I can't stand to watch players take a knee when our national anthem is being played. I am angered beyond words at the sight of this. Shame on them. If I owned a football team those players would be fired instantly. Do they not get that it is a PRIVILEDGE and HONOR to live in the greatest country in the world?


If they feel that this country has done a disservice to them then they need to take it up with THAT INDIVIDUAL or organization that they are so angry with. Ranting like a baby throwing a tantrum during a national event is NOT the way to show disapproval when things don't go their way. Get a life.

One of my proudest moments was when I got to wear the United States uniform and compete for the US at the ITU Triathlon World Championships in Rotterdam, Netherlands this past fall. I felt so honored to be there competing among the best triathletes in the world representing this great country. I felt an obligation to give EVERYTHING I had to this race and put forth my greatest effort to honor our country and our flag. I had been following my Marine around the world for 28 years as he served our country, and finally I had the chance to do the same by competing in an amazing event. I don't understand how ANYONE can think it's ok to openly disrespect our red white and blue.

Life isn't fair. Nobody owes you ANYTHING. Nobody has an ideal life where things are always perfect. Disrespecting our flag - the flag that UNITES us as a country- is NOT the place for protestors to show disrespect. It is, in my opinion, INEXCUSEABLE. We have a military that is working HARD to secure this nation and our freedom and disrespecting our flag is not only cowardly, but it's also immature.

In my opinion, If you don't like it here then you are free to go. If you have a beef with someone or something, BEING AN IDIOT is not the way to solve it. I personally don't want to see your tantrums on the football field. Showing disrespect for our flag, our country, and our military is NOT COOL.

There. I said it and I stand behind it. I am and will always be loyal to our flag, our country, and especially our troops. And YES I will ALWAYS stand when our national anthem is played! It's the RIGHT THING TO DO!

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