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Why I Am Big On Commitment

I've been a trainer for over 12 years now and a triathlon coach for about 4 years. I've seen many clients come and go, and the ones that make the biggest impression on me are the ones who TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for their own success. They are the ones who

1. Show up on time. That's right they are never late. In fact, they are sometimes a few minutes early. This sets the tone for the workout. I love eagerness!

2. Show up with their game face on. This is similar to #1 above. What is game face? A look of "getting down to business" or "getting after it".

3. Protect the time for their workout. This means that NOTHING will stand in the way of their workout. It's so easy to let things take away a workout, but you do have control over this. Of course there are things that come up, but for the most part, it's HIGH on the list of priorities of people who have success with me.

4. Never make excuses. Like ever. This means FIND A WAY, NOT AN EXCUSE.

5. Take responsibility for their own results. It's not the trainer's fault that they aren't dropping weight. It's up to THEM to eat well and cut out all the foods that aren't going to keep them on the path of success.

6. Have a strong WHY and don't forget it along the way. What is a WHY? This is the deep seated reason for wanting to make a change in the first place. Whether this is to drop weight, build muscle, get lean, compete in a triathlon- the foundation for one's training must start with a STRONG WHY.

The folks who do numbers 1-6 are the clients who are a joy to work with. I look for this in a client because it makes my job much more enjoyable when we are on the same page. Often times, clients start to lose focus or motivation and they need a reminder of WHY the committed in the first place. It's like anything else in life- if it's worth it to you, you will make time for it.

I like to sit down with potential clients face to face and stress the importance of number 1-6 above so that they see how serious I am about commitment. When we write down their goals, it's just as important to me as it is to them. I want everyone to succeed!

The desire to succeed has to come from within. I can't make anyone feel committed, but I can hold them accountable for showing up to workouts that they have paid for in advance. Many people hire a trainer for that reason-so that they have someone who is holding them ACCOUNTABLE. I have found that folks who have a a deep desire to succeed at a goal are going to be accountable to THEMSELVES as well.

So the next time you think about hiring a trainer or a coach, first examine your WHY, and then ask yourself if you are willing to do numbers 1-6 because that's what I am looking for!

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