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6 Things Good Swimmers Don't Do

Just wanted to share with you a few things that I have learned over the years about triathlon swimming. There are several things that I noticed that the best swimmers were doing and what they were NOT doing as well. Check out my top 6 and see if any of these ring a bell with you!

6 Things Good Swimmers Don’t Do

1. Only swim a few months out of the year or only swim when training for something.

It’s best to be a swimmer YEAR ROUND if you want to stay consistent and have good muscle memory. Swimming regularly keeps your body in swim shape especially in the off season. Shorter more frequent swims are better than just once a week.

2. Swim at the same pace all the time.

Long slow swims make a long slow swimmer. Change up the workouts to include different distances with pace work and speed intervals. This will keep you from getting bored and help you get faster in the water.

3. Avoid practicing in the open water.

It’s always a good idea to practice getting in the open water before your event. Not only does this ease your mind, but it will give you a feel for water without lane ropes, lines, or a wall. Swim with a buddy and practice sighting, drafting, and alternating breathing sides. I can guarantee that you will feel more confident on race day having swam the full distance in the open water.

4. Not strength training.

It has been proven that dry land strength training is great for swimmers. Check out my YouTube Channel for sport specific strength training moves! You don’t need a lot of equipment and yes you can even do bodyweight exercises or just use a single resistance band.

5. Not practicing technique.

Swimming is more about technique than it is about speed. Drills might seem mundane, but they are great for good swimming form and efficiency as you glide through the water. It’s best to incorporate swim drills for at least 15 minutes of the workout before the main set. Thinking about good form every workout adds up to major gains in gliding through the water more efficiently.

6. Not taking a few lessons from a swim coach.

When I first got back in the water as an adult, I hired the local high school swim coach for a few lessons. It was money well spent because he was able to break down my movements and help me improve on each phase of my swim stroke. A swim coach can find small things that can make a big impact on how you glide through the water. It’s not super expensive and worth the investment especially if you haven’t been in the water in a while.

I hope you find these tips helpful! Need a triathlon coach for your next race? Shoot me an email HERE and we can set up a call!


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