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"She is an incredible coach!"

Watch this video testimonial from Ironman Competitor, Matthew Garrett, to learn why he highly recommends hiring Mary as your triathlon coach.

Mary exceeded all of my expectations. I tried to train for a marathon on my own and ended up with several injuries. I hired Mary to get me to the finish line and she delivered! Not only did I finish my first marathon, I increased my speed in a way I never thought possible. Mary was cheering me on every step of the way!
~ Hannah Malcomb

I signed up for my 3rd  full Ironman in 2019, but then had several injuries and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to complete Ironman Barcelona in 2022. I looked on the Ironman website for a coach who can help injured athletes train and it was a blessing that I found Mary! I wouldn’t have gotten to the finish line without Mary’s plan that prepared me for the race, but without pain or further injury to my knee.  Her swim gait analysis was spot on and helped me improve my swim time too! Mary’s training schedule was exactly what I needed, and I could adjust the plan to fit my travel and work schedule to accomplish my workouts and other obligations. Mary provided excellent feedback, was always responsive and truly cares about your success as an athlete and a person. Mary got me to the finish line, and she can help you too!!
~ Teri R.

I worked with Mary for six months as I trained for my first 70.3. She was exactly what I needed in a coach: someone to help balance consistent training against the craziness of everyday life. Injuries, work commitments, vacations, and beyond; Mary took the work off of me to make sure my training was on track, adjusting to
all of life’s interruptions. All I had to do was show up every day. I arrived at the starting line for Ironman 70.3 Texas prepared and confident thanks to Mary and had a wonderful day. Now I’m setting my sights on Ironman Texas and look forward to working with Mary again on this new goal. I recommend Mary to anyone starting the daunting process of training for an Ironman or 70.3!
~ Andrew Millar

Participating in IRONMAN was something I never imagined possible at the age of 44 with very little multi-sport experience. However, I did complete a half distance at IRONMAN 70.3 Waco using the "power of the internet" and while the experience was amazing, it was clear that I needed a better approach to training
and general preparation. I contacted Coach Mary and asked her what she thought I might be capable of doing with my background that had almost nothing to do with swimming, biking, and running. She and I spoke, agreed to work together, and after 6 months completed my first full distance at IRONMAN Texas. The journey is complicated with TONS of ups and downs but working with Coach Mary prepared me to get through multiple challenges during training and the event itself. Thanks Coach! Looking forward to the next one!
~ Rob Gorham

I have been working with Mary for over half a year now, and she is amazing. She took the time to really get to know me, my goals, my strengths, and my weaknesses and created an individualized plan for me. With her coaching and motivation, I was able to shave off half an hour on my latest 70.3.  I am grateful to be able to work with Mary and consider her not only my coach, but a friend.
~ Joshua G.

Coach Mary gave me the confidence to train for and complete my first 3 Ironman 70.3 races! I live in California and was able to submit videos of my run gait and swim gait as well as consult her regularly on the phone. Coach Mary will get you to the finish line!!
~ Lauren G.

I wanted to finish my second half Ironman. The first race was fine, but I guess the post race high and sense of accomplishment were working against me. As the euphoria waned over the course of six months, I found myself staring at my calendar and another half Ironman looming in six months. Six months turned into five and five into three. I was out of shape. Thankfully a friend recommended Mary. She was able to prepare me without me neglecting my work or family. Through the regular encouragement to the structured workouts, she got me to the finish line. I highly recommend her as a coach and as a friend.
~ Stephen M.

As a beginner triathlete, the idea of taking on an Ironman 70.3 distance was very overwhelming. When I started with Mary, I had only completed 4 sprint triathlons and was very weak in swimming. My training partner and I decided to hire Mary in preparation for the jump to the 70.3 distance and it was the best thing we could have ever done! She developed a detailed 18-week training program that took me from swimming 1000-1500 yards at around 2:45/100 yards pace to swimming 2500-3000 yards at 2:10/100 yards pace. Her swim workouts were life changing! She took the time to do lactate threshold testing with us in the beginning so that we could focus on HR zone training early on. This paid off as the weeks went on and I saw my running pace improve by about 30 seconds per mile. Overall, her plan was built specifically for my goals, strengths, and weaknesses, and I went into race day 100% prepared. I felt strong for every minute of the half Ironman thanks to Coach Mary! Lastly, I was able to train hard for 18 weeks with ZERO injuries which is something I never thought would happen. If you are looking to jump to that next distance or even just get stronger/faster, Coach Mary is your girl!
~ Sara M.

Mary is an excellent trainer and coach. She has a passion for fitness and sports and it shows in her work. Since working with her, my cardio has improved as well as my muscular strength and endurance. I am a CrossFit athlete and my sessions with her have greatly benefitted my athletic performance. I give her FIVE STARS. :)
~ Sophie S.

I signed up for Ironman Texas in September 2017 and had no idea where to begin. I looked for some plans on the internet and they were pretty vague. Mary stepped up and said she would coach myself and another for this race. Coach Mary made an appointment for me at the Athlete Development center at Texas A&M to determine my lactate threshold and then developed a very detailed training plan based on my heart rate zones. Mary was very involved in every aspect of my training and was diligent about creating a challenging and thorough training plan for 22 weeks. Mary looked at each one of my completed workouts, provided feedback each time and held me accountable when I missed a workout without a valid excuse. She was always available on a daily basis, when needed and she listened to my cares and concerns. If you’re looking to do ANY distance triathlon and be pushed to do well, I’d HIGHLY recommend Coach Mary!
~ Andy H.

I have been training with Mary for 6 weeks now. She is teaching me a different style of running that has less impact on my back and knees that really helped me. I had tried it on my own, watching instructional training videos which were difficult to follow but Mary has a very effective way of describing the mechanics making it easy for me to incorporate into my running. She has a great positive attitude, always encouraging me on. A great coach, I would highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about their training. Be prepared to work hard!
~ Cary V.

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