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Sprint Distance Triathlon - Beginner: $79

This is a very basic and easy to follow training plan for the beginner athlete who is new to the sport of triathlon and just wants to complete their first race and finish strong. Workouts are mostly under one hour in length and I am assuming the athlete has at least 7 hours per week to train for the race. Some of the days there is a double workout (am and pm). Several of the Saturday workouts include a Brick (Bike immediately followed by run). A good bit of this training plan is for building a good aerobic base, and toward the last few weeks the workouts get slightly longer and a bit more intense. I am including a detailed description of exactly what to do for each workout. Sometimes an athlete has certain limitations, constraints, or special circumstances. Email me at so I can help tailor this training program to meet your specific needs.

Sprint Distance Triathlon - Intermediate/Advanced: $79 

I designed this training plan for the athlete who is ready to take their Sprint Triathlon to the next level. I am assuming that the athlete has a fairly strong aerobic base and has already been working out for several weeks prior to the start of this 16-week program. The athlete will want to invest in a heart rate monitor to track different aerobic training zones. The workouts are a bit longer than the Sprint Beginner plan, and significantly more intense. I am assuming the athlete can run 5 or 6 miles without stopping, can swim 1500-2000 yards, and can ride 25 miles without stopping. The first several weeks are the building phase where I gradually increase yardage and mileage. There are a few recovery weeks interspersed to allow for ample rest. Weeks 12-14 are considered Peak training weeks and are the most intense weeks, while weeks 15 and 16 are for the Taper. Sometimes an athlete has certain limitations, constraints, or special circumstances. Email me at​ so I can help tailor this training program to meet your specific needs.

Olympic Distance Triathlon - Intermediate/Advanced: $79

This plan is for the seasoned athlete with a significant aerobic base and a few triathlons under his/her belt. I am assuming the athlete has 10 to 12 hours per week to train for this event and is able to complete 2 workouts on some days (morning and evening). The Olympic Distance Athlete should be able to swim 2500 to 3000 yards, and run at lest 8 to 10 miles. Some of the longer rides are a few hours in length, so the athlete should be able to complete a two or three-hour bike ride. The athlete will want to invest in a heart rate monitor to track different aerobic training zones. The first several weeks of this program are the building phase where I gradually increase the yardage and mileage. There are a few recovery weeks interspersed to allow for ample rest and injury prevention. Weeks 12-14 are considered Peak training weeks and are the most intense weeks of the program. Weeks 15 and 16 are for the taper before Race Day. Sometimes an athlete has certain limitations, constraints, or special circumstances. Email me at​ so I can help tailor this training program to meet your specific needs.

Marathon - Intermediate/Advanced: $79

This plan offers the seasoned runner a challenging training schedule with mostly shorter runs during the week with one middle distance run on Wednesdays and long runs on Sundays. Athletes using this plan have several 10Ks under their belt and perhaps a marathon or two and can sustain a training load in the peak weeks of around 30-40 miles per

week. I am incorporating speed work, interval training and several tempo runs in this plan as well as strength and flexibility training. If the athlete can find one half marathon to run half way through the 12 weeks these are a great way to test their fitness and predict their marathon pace and time.

Half Marathon - Intermediate/Advanced: $79

This plan is for experienced runners who are no longer in the Novice category and and want to take their training to the next level. These athletes should be able to run five or 6 days a week with 20 to 30 miles per week during peak weeks. These athletes should have some good race experience under their belt, perhaps having competed in several 5K and 10K races, and possibly a half marathon. I am adding regularly scheduled speed workouts in most weeks, as well as some some strength and flexibility training. If the athlete can find a few 5K or 10K races to spread out throughout the 12 weeks these are a great way to test their fitness and predict their half marathon pace and time.

Ironman Training Plan by the Book: $109

In this plan, I will take you through a complete Iron distance program for a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride and a 26 mile run. I created this plan mostly in accordance with Ironman University’s protocol for swim, bike, run, and strength training for an Ironman race. The 20 week program is broken up into 4 training periods, with specific goals for each period to include General Preparation, Specific Preparation, Pre-Competition, and Competition phases. The Ironman race is for a seasoned athlete who has done several Sprint and Olympic distance triathlons and preferably at least one Half Ironman distance race. This program requires you to have a solid base and you will need to be able to run at least one hour without stopping, ride the bike for 75 minutes without stopping, and swim 1500 yards in the pool. In general, there are 3 swims, 3 bike rides and 3 runs each week with a mid-week short brick and long ride and run on the weekends. The Ironman athlete can expect a training volume of 15-18 hours in the Peak Weeks of training. The plan includes nutrition and hydration guidelines, strength training, and swim drills.

Half Ironman: $109
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