Triathlon Coaching

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Take Your Race To The NEXT LEVEL!

Work with an experienced triathlon coach online or in person

We will use the Training Peaks app to add structure and track your progress. Click below to become my athlete, then scroll down to sign up for monthly coaching.

Triathlon Coaching

Monthly Triathlon Coaching: $237 per month

1-on-1 monthly coaching is for the athlete who wants online or in-person triathlon coaching for motivation, accountability, and next level race results. I offer monthly coaching for the duration up to your race and thereafter if you have several races on the calendar. Most of my plans are 12 to 16 weeks out prior to the race. If you sign up for coaching with me, I will help you get to your race goal through weekly emails, messages, and phone conversations. I will look at your swim videos and running form as well and offer the best advice to get you where you want to be at your next event. Monthly coaching is well worth the investment for those athletes who want to improve their race times, set a personal record, or just need the added accountability. U.S. Military receives 15% off monthly coaching fee - Call Mary for discount code. 

Improve your Swim / Run Gait!

Swim Gait Video Analysis: $79

In the Swim Gait Analysis, I gather important swim related information about you as an athlete. I use this tool to assess your level of experience, available resources, and areas that may need to be addressed in order for you to swim more efficiently. This is done at a pool setting either in person or virtually via video. I use a stop watch and camera and
video you above the water from the pool deck from a few different perspectives. I will evaluate your stroke form to identify issues causing drag and opportunities to increase propulsion and improve swim economy.

Run Gait Video Analysis: $79

In the Run Gait Analysis, the goal is to help you improve your running economy, or the ability to use oxygen as efficiently as possible for a given speed. I do this by looking at your form and biomechanics to identify ways in which you can make improvements. Modifications in running form can contribute to better running economy for any runner. This test is done at a track where I video you from the front, back, and both sides in slow motion. I then scroll through your video going frame by frame to show you areas where you can improve in each phase of the running gait cycle.

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