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There is a mind body connection in competition. Although I am not a sports psychologist, I am a huge fan of affirmations to set yourself up for continued success. Affirmations are a great way to program your mind to tell you great stuff about YOU. They reinforce self-confidence at the subconscious level. What better way to start believing good things about yourself than to TELL YOURSELF those things often.


I want to share with you my favorite swim, bike, and run affirmations that I have used myself over many years of racing. Sometimes I tweak them depending on what race I am working toward, but I find that repeating positive words to yourself can have a real impact on the way you think.


Find a quiet and relaxing place away from screens, distractions, or noise. Lay down or sit back and listen to each affirmation, say it to yourself either silently or out loud, then listen to me say it again. Repeat as many times as necessary. Repeat these throughout your training and especially several times during race week. I hope you
enjoy these and find them helpful!

Ironman Affirmations Audio File


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