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1-on-1 monthly coaching is for any athlete who wants triathlon coaching for motivation, accountability, and next level race results. I offer monthly coaching for the duration up to your race and thereafter if you have several races on the calendar. Most of my plans are 12 to 24 weeks out prior to the race. If you sign up for coaching with me, I will help you get to your race goal through weekly emails, messages, and phone conversations. I will offer the best advice to get you where you want to be at your next event. Monthly coaching is well worth the investment for those athletes who want to improve their race times, set a personal record, or just need the added accountability. The ongoing commitment option for triathlon coaching is a minimum of 7 months. U.S. Military receives 15% off monthly coaching fee - Call Mary to get the discount code. Let's get started!

Monthly Triathlon Coaching

Price Options
Commit to 3 months
$249.00every month for 3 months
Commit to 4 months
$249.00every month for 4 months
Commit to 5 months
$249.00every month for 5 months
Commit to 6 months
$249.00every month for 6 months
Ongoing Commitment
$249.00every month until canceled
  • Ongoing commitment option is a minimum of 7 months.

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