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If you are a runner who is serious about improving your race times or want to take your performance to the next level, then you need to talk to me about monthly coaching. This is a great option, especially if you have several races on your calendar. Each week I will load workouts to include speed, tempo, strength, and endurance runs as well as run specific strength workouts to increase your power and speed. I will help you reach your race goals with personalized workouts, nutrition and hydration guidance, injury prevention tips, and weekly communication. Let me help you get to your next race day with confidence! U.S. Military receives 15% off monthly coaching fee - Call Mary to get the discount code. Let's get started!

Monthly Marathon Coaching

Price Options
Commit to 3 months
$179.00every month for 3 months
Commit to 4 months
$179.00every month for 4 months
Commit to 5 months
$179.00every month for 5 months
Commit to 6 months
$179.00every month for 6 months

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