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Prepare the right way for race day! Purchase this in-depth triathlon training plan to help you succeed! This triathlon training plan is designed for the athlete who is ready to take their Sprint Triathlon to the next level. Any athlete starting this 16-week program should have a fairly strong aerobic base as well as already been working out for several weeks beforehand. This Triathlon Training Plan is a digital download. Your plan will be emailed to you shortly after you make your purchase. Read the plan description for more details about this plan.

Triathlon Training Plan - Sprint Distance - Advanced

  • I designed this triathlon training plan for the athlete who is ready to take their Sprint Triathlon to the next level. I am assuming that the athlete has a fairly strong aerobic base and has already been working out for several weeks prior to the start of this 16-week program. The athlete will want to invest in a heart rate monitor to track different aerobic training zones. The workouts are a bit longer than the Sprint Beginner plan, and significantly more intense. I am assuming the athlete can run 5 or 6 miles without stopping, can swim 1500-2000 yards, and can ride 25 miles without stopping. The first several weeks are the building phase where I gradually increase yardage and mileage. There are a few recovery weeks interspersed to allow for ample rest. Weeks 12-14 are considered Peak training weeks and are the most intense weeks, while weeks 15 and 16 are for the Taper. Sometimes an athlete has certain limitations, constraints, or special circumstances. Email me at​ so I can help tailor this training program to meet your specific needs.

  • Your purchase allows only the purchaser to use the files. Purchased files may not be distributed in any way to anyone other than the purchaser. All digital download files are copywrite © Marinewife Multisport. 

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