Prepare the right way for race day! Purchase this in-depth triathlon training plan to help you succeed! This sprint distance triathlon training plan is for the beginner athlete who is new to the sport of triathlon. It's the perfect plan for those who just want to complete their first race and finish strong. This Triathlon Training Plan is a digital download. Your plan will be emailed to you shortly after you make your purchase. Read the plan description for more details about this plan.

Triathlon Training Plan - Sprint Distance - Beginner

  • This is a very basic and easy to follow triathlon training plan for the beginner athlete who is new to the sport of triathlon and just wants to complete their first race and finish strong. Workouts are mostly under one hour in length and I am assuming the athlete has at least 7 hours per week to train for the race. Some of the days there is a double workout (am and pm). Several of the Saturday workouts include a Brick (Bike immediately followed by run). A good bit of this training plan is for building a good aerobic base, and toward the last few weeks the workouts get slightly longer and a bit more intense. I am including a detailed description of exactly what to do for each workout. Sometimes an athlete has certain limitations, constraints, or special circumstances. Email me at so I can help tailor this training program to meet your specific needs.

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