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Sprint Triathlon Training Plans

I have done about 35-40 triathlons in my career and I have become pretty clear on what it takes to train for a Sprint Distance race. Wether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete I have a plan to meet your needs. I remember my first race in 2007 and I was SUPER nervous. I had been working with a coach and friend who was super knowledgeable about I would need to make my first race great. I had been injured in my hamstrings and was still recovering from this when I decided to do my first race. So with all the Physical Therapy moves he gave me along with some great coaching for the ride, swim, and run I was golden. I learned so much from that experience that I want to share it with YOU. I wrote 2 plans on this site, one for the Novice Sprint Triathlete and one for the Intermediate/Advanced athlete wanting to take their race to the next level. The second has speed workouts as well as more training volume than the Beginner program. If you are local, I will take you to the track and videotape you running and look at your form!!! Yes there is a science to all this! Anyway, if you are in need of a well thought out Sprint Triathlon Training Plan then DOWNLOAD my plans on this site!!!

Sprint Triathlon Training Plan

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