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3 Reasons for Hiring a Personal Trainer in College Station Texas

Why should I hire a personal trainer in College Station Texas?

1. Most people who make the choice to hire a trainer have made the decision to hold themselves ACCOUNTABLE. For many this does not happen over night. Hiring a trainer for some is a big decision. It means taking your fitness and nutrition to the next level. It means deciding to make a change. For me, working out is just part of my day and part of who I am and I will never need accountability. I will just do it no matter what because I love it. But for some, they want that extra NUDGE to get going- to get up, dress up, and SHOW UP!

2. Consistency is KEY! When you work out with me you must STAY CONSISTENT! That means you must use your sessions in a timely manner- we are going to see each other EVERY WEEK! Otherwise your sessions will expire! I will do everything in my power to work with you on this. Nobody wants you to succeed more than me. I always tell people you must be working out 5 days a week for an hour and eating well to see a change.

3. Changing it up! Sometimes folks get into a rut with their current workout and they need somebody to make it more interesting. I work out with clients at my house or at a park, and this is Texas so we can be outside most of the year. There is so much we can do at a park- the possibilities are endless. HIIT workouts, boot camp style workouts, drills, weights, Kettle Bell, Medicine Ball etc. I owned a boot camp for 3 years and my workout library is overflowing.

Wanna talk more about what I can do for you? Click HERE to leave me your email and I will set you up for success!

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