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Core De Force for Triathletes

If you are an endurance athlete and you want to really sculpt your CORE then you will want to get in on this program! Core De Force is going to give you everything you need to reshape your body with effective and addictive workouts. Core de Force includes Boxing, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai combinations that engage your core from every angle and bodyweight training that sculpts and defines your muscles. The explosive cardio intervals throughout the workout will help to max out your calorie burn. In my opinion, this is a GREAT workout for triathletes and endurance athletes because most of the moves involve engaging the CORE, and consistent solid core work can help prevent injuries in other areas. As athletes we use our core for just about everything- swimming, cycling, and running. Why not train in the off season with something that will benefit you during race season? Want to get this program? Partnered with the rock solid nutrition of Shakeology, this is a win-win combination of fitness and nutrition at it's best.

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