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Why Every Triathlete Should Do PiYo

I started doing the PiYo Workout about 2 years ago not really knowing much about how really AWESOME it is. I completed the certification and thought it flowed nicely and that I could probably learn the moves pretty easily. The workout is set to music and you follow a 16/8/8/4/4 count which is super EASY to follow. Even I can do that!

A little bit of my history: I have been a runner since 9th grade both track and cross country. I ran in college but not really competitively and it was not until my late 20's early 30's that I became a serious runner and marathoner. I was running a half marathon almost every other weekend living in Southern California and putting in a ton of mileage during the week. I would set my alarm for 5:00am and run the loop at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton base housing before the sun was even up. I would take my 2 year old boy in the jogger and give him whatever he wanted so that I could get my 7 mile run in in peace! I ran the fastest half marathon of my career in 2003 finishing the Camp Pendleton Half in one hour and 33 minutes. After my second baby was born just 9 months after that I was back at the longer mileage again but things just didn't seem to feel the same. It was harder to get back into my normal routine with running and my hips, lower back, and hamstrings were much tighter than usual. The month I turned 40 my lower back was quite sore on the one side and my hamstring started to bother me more and more. Finally I went to an orthopedic Doctor who told me I had a tear at the insertion of my hamstring and that this was common in "aging athletes". This was a hard pill to swallow for me- no running for a while and being told that I am old! With that injury came a slew of others to include tight hip flexors, lower back pain, and IT band pain all on that one side-go figure. So off I went to the pain management Doctor who gave me all kinds of painful cortisone injections at various times to help with the pain. At one point she said to me, "Ya know, if you would just add flexibility training to your routine you wouldn't be in my office every week." I didn't want to listen at first and then when PiYo came around I slowly changed my mind. FINALLY a workout that meant SWEAT along with FLEXIBILITY, CORE STRENGTH, UPPER BODY, LOWER BODY, and CARDIO! A triathlete's DREAM! I was spending so much time training and adding even MORE strength training was even MORE time. With PiYo this is ONE STOP SHOPPING! Every workout focuses on opening up the hips, hip flexors, hamstrings, lower back and more. What athlete doesn't want to add flexibility to their routine??? No brainer. Since I have been doing PiYo for the past few years, I have noticed a SIGNIFICANT change in my aches and pains that once plagued me. My core strength is so much better. The chronic hamstring pain, although still there because I am quote "an AGING ATHLETE" is much more manageable now. Am I totally pain-free and perfect? NO! But PiYo has made a HUGE difference in my middle aged body that keeps on triathloning. So I urge you to get the program with the amazing nutrition of Shakeology and you will feel amazing inside and out! If you don't like it you can send it back no questions asked. Click HERE to get the PiYo Challenge Pack now! You won't be disappointed!

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