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TRX for Triathletes

I am a HUGE fan of using the TRX for triathletes for core strengthening. I became trained in the TRX several years ago because it was hugely popular at the Marine Corps base gym that I was working at at the time. TRX is popular among our military because it is totally mobile and doesn't take up a lot of space. It is used on air craft carriers and other places with tight quarters. It's benefits are tremendous and it works the core like no other piece of equipment I have seen. Because the TRX is a suspension device, almost every single exercise requires the athlete to engage the core in order to keep the TRX steady and with tension in the straps. Athletes can get a total upper body workout to include biceps, triceps, deltoids, chest, back, and shoulders. For lower body, I use the TRX for suspended lunges, squats, and hamstring lifts. Sometimes I add another piece of equipment such as a Bosu Ball or Kettle Bell and combine it with the TRX. The BEST exercises for triathletes include the SWIMMER's PULL, TRICEP EXTENSION, STANDING ROLLOUT, CHEST FLIES, and SUSPENDED PIKE. Pretty much any of the suspended ab exercises target the athletes core which is huge for the swim and the run part of the triathlon. So check out one of my TRX videos below and if you like this post then drop your email in the contact form on this website!!

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