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Olympic Distance Triathlon Training Plan

Maybe you have graduated from the Sprint Distance race and want to take your race to the next level. Maybe an Ironman or Half Ironman Distance is not what you are ready for but you need a new challenge. I will tell you this: The Olympic Distance Triathlon is no joke and is a force to be reckoned with! This race is still fairly fast but demands much more physically than the Sprint Distance race. A 1500 yard swim followed by a 25 mile ride and a 10K is definitely something you need to really train for. No this is not a race you want to go out and just WING it! Be smart about your races and choose carefully. Look at the course and decide if it's something you can be ready for. Are you into hills? Or do you like flat and fast? Are you an ocean swimmer or prefer a clam lake swim? Ask questions before you sign up for a race. Often you can easily email the race director and get the answers you need. Don't go to a race without having executed a solid Olympic Distance Training Plan! Check out the training plans on this website. I created these with the USA Triathlon guidelines in place so you are getting tried and true practices for heart rate, nutrition, and hydration guidance. You can also work with me as your coach either in person or online. Fill out the form or text me or email me and I will always return your message!!

Olympic Distance Triathlon Training Plan

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