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Owning My Own Training and Coaching Business

Wow it’s been an exciting year!…already the 10th month of 2017 and as I look back there were many awesome moments that I am truly thankful for. Highlights included competing for the United States at the ITU Triathlon World Championship in September. As many of you know this was a major event for me and I went to great lengths to be physically ready for this race. I stopped teaching most fitness classes and devoted my summer to training, although I have been doing personal training and coaching slowing growing

Now that my racing season is at an end, I have been asking myself what it is that I REALLY want to do professionally, and praying for a clear answer to this question.

The truth is, I don’t really want to work for anybody else.

Over the past 8 months my little training and coaching business has grown, and more and more clients are reaching out to me.

Yeah, I am ALL IN on my own business now. I am committed to making it work.

You guys know I have a HUGE PASSION for fitness and triathlon and my business incorporates both of these.

Living the dream and owning my own gig. Love it.

And I get to have my dog with me most of the day…

Being a business owner is liberating and awesome, but you also have to SHOW UP EVERY DAY AND DO THE WORK to keep it going.

This means studying social media marketing, keeping up with Facebook algorithms, learning Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, and more.

This means READING PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT books every single day to keep a healthy positive mindset.

Right now I am learning about blogging with a great business coach Sharon Johnson, websites, and one of my favorites- CREATING VIDEOS.

I love helping athletes and clients who want to take their fitness to the next level- people who want to better themselves, commit to a higher standard, and set a finite goal and hold themselves ACCOUNTABLE toward reaching it.

If you’re ALL IN, then I’m ALL IN WITH YOU.

There is an inner champion inside everybody just waiting to surface.

Nobody wants to see you succeed more than me.

Need help? Message me!

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