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Small Group Training College Station Texas

So I have been a personal trainer for almost 11 years now and one thing I find that really motivates clients is SMALL GROUP TRAINING. Don't get me wrong, one on one training is GREAT but there is a special motivation when clients work with 2 or 3 people in a group setting. I usually try to take group training clients to a park to spread out and do HIIT training or FUNCTIONAL fitness. We do a lot of drills, intervals, circuits, and running (or power walking for non-runners). There is a certain level of healthy competition between the group members and this makes the workout a lot of fun.

Many clients like training with a group for ACCOUNTABILITY and MOTIVATION. Outside, sunshine, and fresh air with a great group of friends makes for a super fun and effective workout.

So how do you go about getting into a group training session with me? I am a little picky as to who I will work with. You must be committed to working HARD. You gotta SHOW UP each class ON TIME and WITH A GOOD ATTITUDE. You must be FOCUSED. You can't be married to your cell phone. You must save your chit chat for AFTER our workout. When I do these groups I limit the numbers and I make sure each participant has a concrete GOAL they are working towards. I train serious myself and that's what I expect from you as well. You can click HERE to message me about group training!!

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