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The Number One Thing Personal Trainers Want from Their Clients

Wanna know the NUMBER ONE THING PERSONAL TRAINERS WANT FROM THEIR CLIENTS? It isn't money. It isn't tons of time. It isn't referrals. All of those things are super nice and even important. Who doesn't want to make money and get referrals for good service? But for me, there is nothing better than working with a client who is MOTIVATED and COMMITTED. I had a client come to me several months ago and wanted to prepare for a wedding 6 months from the day of the ceremony. She was about 30 pounds overweight and eating poorly. She was, however, an athlete with a strong desire to better herself. I told her I was glad she took that first step towards making a change for the better. We worked together for those 6 months and she gave her diet a complete overhaul. She was working out on her own as well as with me and every time I saw her she looked better and better. It was SUPER motivating to me to see the desire in her eyes to better herself. The day of the wedding she sent me some photos of herself all dressed up with make up, hair, dress, shoes, etc. looking fabulous. I felt so proud of her and the accomplishments she made. The COMMITMENT, desire, courage to change, and determination is what made this client so special to me. These are the qualities I am looking for! I don't want to work with people who are going through the motions, and trust me, often times they are. Sometimes people just want to have a trainer to say they have a trainer and that's it. I don't want clients to use me unless they have a burning desire to see results. Otherwise, don't bother contacting me and mean that. I am here for those who want to set goals and ACHIEVE them, not pretend that having a trainer makes all of those things happen magically.

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