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20 Things I Learned from Being on Crutches for 6 Weeks

1. People are super kind. They go out of their way to open doors almost instantaneously, especially at church, the grocery store, restaurants, pretty much anywhere. I have been stopped numerous times and asked if I need any help.

2. People say the funniest things as they watch you hobble around. "Wow that looks like it hurts." "How much longer do you have to wear that?" "Can I sign your cast?"

"Is that gonna get better?" "That really sucks." "It must be hard to get around like that."

3. Sometimes you just have to swallow your pride and ask for help. There is no way around it. My husband has to go to the grocery store with me. I can't reach anything above the refrigerator. The kids help me get in and out of the car.

4. I cry more often out of sheer frustration and longing for my old life back. But this too shall pass. I miss riding my bike most.

5. We take so much for granted.

6. Everything hurts. (temporarily). Your body is basically adapting to something that is not functioning the way it's supposed to, and you are asking it to compensate accordingly. My hips, lower back, and knee all hurt a lot more now. My armpits don't hurt too my but my wrists and knees take a beating from crawling around the house.

7. Elevators and ramps are your new friend. And when there isn't one, well you just go around to the back of the building and use the ground floor door.

8. I can no longer chase the dog when she runs down the street.

9. It's a little scary when the waiter takes your crutches away at a restaurant and puts them far from your table.

10. You can still do the rowing machine while on crutches. And swimming is a God send once the stitches heal.

11. Crawling in and out of the shower is acceptable now. It's ok to stay seated too. And those plastic cast covers from Walgreens really work great.

12. You become one of those people who blocks aisles at the grocery store.

13. Your dog is the most loving and kind being around you. They know when something is wrong. They are loving and loyal and want to be there for you.

14. You want to skip the revolving door. Always.

15. There is always someone who has a WAY worse problem than your own. Cancer, heart disease, death of a child, the list is long. I am thankful for this 6 weeks sentence because it has a definite END to it.

16. Stay away from wet locker room floors. When I go to the pool I do my swim and just put on shorts over a wet bathing suit and skip the locker room totally. I have almost slipped a few times already so I just clean up and shower at home.

17. Pedicures are over for the time being.

18. So are my Michael Kors wedges.

19. People make room at church so I can put my foot up in the pew. This is so nice of them.

20. I am learning to trust God's plan for my life even though it is so uncertain at times. My faith is stronger now and I talk to God daily. I pray for healing every single day and it's working.

Oh and #21 is the most important:


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