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Sports Conditioning for Athletes College Station Texas

Of all the workouts I do with clients I especially love Sports Conditioning exercises. This can be in the form of High Intensity Interval Training, Functional Fitness, Drills, Kettle Bell, TRX, or track workouts. I have worked with many athletes this past year who want to improve their overall fitness, speed, agility, muscle endurance, muscle strength, and flexibility. I am a huge fan of the PiYo workout for athletes as well because it builds core strength like no other program and sculpts your upper and lower body nicely. Want to get it? Click HERE!

Why do sports conditioning? If you really want to improve your game or your sport, you have to strengthen the muscles you use for it. If you are a runner, you must practice dynamic stretches and sport specific leg moves to build muscle in the quads, glutes, and hamstrings. If you are a swimmer, you need to increase shoulder flexibility, build shoulder and arm strength, and build up core muscles. I am a HUGE fan of strength training and believe everybody should be lifting weights at least a few times a week for their sport.

So if you live in the Bryan College Station area and want to build strength for your sport, then message me!! I am on Facebook at Marinewife Fitness or you can email me at

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