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10 Reasons to Increase Your Core Strength NOW.

There is so much out there about the benefits of Core Strength.

I speak from experience here. No, I am not doing a bunch of research for this. I am just telling you what I know for sure.

I've trained many clients from beginners to advanced levels of fitness. I can honestly say that athletes with a great deal of core strength are by far able to do much more physically than those with a weaker core. Good core strength is game changing for triathletes because so much of our sport engages the core. I had a Physical Therapist once tell me that I would be injured way less often if I increased my core strength. I found this to be TRUE.

Being on a bike in the aero position or in the drops requires CORE STRENGTH.

Running upright for 4 hours during a marathon requires CORE STRENGTH.

Swimming any distance requires CORE STRENGTH.

Pressing a barbell overhead- well you get it now. Pretty much everything we do engages our core, so why not make it rock solid and strong?

Benefits of Core STRENGTH: * Lessens back pain * Improves posture and breathing * Reduces chance of injury in extremities * Improves athletic performance * Improves functional fitness * Helps with balance * Flat abs just look NICE!💪👙 For lots more videos on how to strengthen your core check out my YouTube channel @marinewifemultisport.

Need a triathlon coach? Message me by clicking HERE!


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