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Get THIS Great Piece of Equipment for Strength Training

I've seen these yellow bars called different things in the fitness world but I have to say they are an AMAZING strength training tool for triathletes. They are a nice variation to regular dumb bells and barbells and you can use one or both of them for a great strength building workout. They vary in price but I think I bought mine off of Amazon for about $100 or so. They come in lots of different colors and I believe there is a slightly longer pair for men or athletes with longer arms.

I watched a lot of videos on YouTube and Facebook and took some of these exercises and added my own flair. The Equalizer bars are no doubt a great way to build upper body and lower body strength, sculpt the core and help you gain stability and balance. They are super easy to transport and they are lightweight. If you like using your own body weight to do your strength training then you will love these! So I created a few videos for athletes and I am sharing them with you below. Enjoy!

If you are an athlete thinking about an Ironman or 70.3 race this season and you are thinking about hiring a coach, then message me here! I would love to help you rock your next race!

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