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Workouts for Social Distancing

I don't know about you but I am truly sick of doing social distancing. I don't think humans were made to be set apart like this. We need contact, hugs, handshakes in addition to just eye contact. We need to eat together, play together and workout together. It's not much fun riding 46 miles on the bike by yourself, especially when you are used to having a tribe to ride with.

You are probably at the point where you're on your trainer a lot lately, you're missing the pool big time, and your training just feels kind of weird. The summer races you thought were happening are off your radar and you are wondering if maybe you should shoot for a fall 70.3 or 140.6.

Don't worry, this will all work out. Things will get back to normal over time. I know it sucks right now and life seems so uncertain, especially if you are struggling financially. I know, I get it. But for now, this is the way we have to train so I am going to help you make the most of it.

Here is a week's worth of Social Distancing Workouts. This means you are basically on your own, but it's nice to have a program to follow. Take this and make it your own. Have fun with it, change it up if you need to. Stay strong. Stay focused. This too shall pass!

One Week of Social Distance Friendly Workouts

Mary Timoney USA Triathlon Coach, Ironman Coach, USA Cycling Coach

Monday-rest day

Tuesday Brick

Bike !:15

Warm up 10 min followed by 8X30 sprints in a moderate gear (Z4-Z5 effort); 1 minute recoveries between each; Then do 5 min Z4, 2 min easy; repeat 4X. Ride the remainder of the ride in Z3.

Run :30 off the bike in Z2

Strength Set:

Do 12 of each exercise then repeat 2X through! 1. Single leg deadlift R with heavy 2. Single leg deadlift L with heavy 3. Bench step ups 4. Dumb bell front raise 5. Dumb bell lateral raise 6. Alternating L/R medicine ball slams 7. Dumb bell bent over rows 8. Shoulder press heavy 9. Fire hydrants 10. Straight leg V-ups Cooldown/Stretch


Swim on the Deck Workout.

Run 30 min Z2/Z3


Bike 1:15

Warm-up well. Then ride 30 to 40 minutes non-stop Z3 on a mostly flat course.

Slightly bigger gear than usual. 80-90 rpm. Smooth pedaling. Aero position; Ride remainder in Z2


Land Exercises for Swim


Revolving Brick 2:00

*You will need to find a 5-6 mile loop that you can safely ride your road bike on and preferably a 400 yard track or trail. You can hide your running shoes somewhere maybe under a bleacher or bench while on the bike.

Bike 5-6 miles Z3

Run immediately off the bike 1.5 miles at the track in Z2

Get back on the bike and ride the 5-6 mile loop again in Z3

Run immediately off the bike 1 mile at the track in Z2

Get back on the bike and ride the 5-6 mile loop again Z3

Run immediately off the bike .5 mile at the track in Z4

Get back on the bike and ride the 5-6 mile loop in Z3

24 miles bike/3 miles run


Long Run 1:00

Warm up easy Z1; progress into Z2 then Z3 and stay there.

Cool down 5 minutes and stretch

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