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Do These for Tight Hips

If you’re an athlete with tight hips I can help you! These 8 moves will help you stretch, strengthen, and open up even the tightest hips if you just do them regularly. You must hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds and be intentional when practicing these moves. Here are a couple of hints for each move:

✅ Pigeon pose- be sure to square up your hips: bring the knee on the ground out further for a deeper stretch.

✅ Criss cross- cross over as far as you can with both knees for the deepest stretch.

✅ Deep side lunge- this will stretch the adductors as well as the outer hips.

✅ Scarecrow-get low in the wide squat for optimal glute and hip strength.

✅ Straddle hang- I don’t know about you but I really feel this in my glutes and hips when I push my chest and shoulders through the straddle as far as I can.

✅ Happy baby- grab your toes through the outsides of your ankles and pull toward the floor for a great hip opener.

✅ Low lunge reverse- place the left hand next to the right inner foot and reach up as far as you can . Set your gaze on the right fingertips.

✅ Hip twist- feel a stretch in the glutes and hip as you deepen your twist.

I hope you enjoy these and find them useful! Let me know how it goes!

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