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Unleashing the Power of AI: Revolutionizing Triathlon Coaching with TriDot

Ok I’ve been thinking about sharing this with all of you over the past few weeks and it took me a while to gather my thoughts on this topic. I will be as honest as I can possibly be about how I am feeling about AI as it relates to Triathlon Coaching with the TriDot platform. You guys know that I am an Ironman University Certified Coach and USA Triathlon Coach since 2016. Back in early December Ironman announced a partnership with TriDot, an AI platform that uses cutting edge technology for helping athletes train efficiently and effectively. In the dynamic world of triathlon training, the game is changing, due to the groundbreaking integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by platforms like TriDot. I am BRAND NEW to the concept of AI coaching, but over the past few weeks I have realized that this platform can do many great things for athletes and coaches. At first I had mixed emotions as a coach because I was worried that the platform would replace me as a coach with artificial intelligence. The platform does present athletes with many levels of training, and only one of them is one on one with a triathlon coach at the Premium level. I am slowly realizing that TriDot doesn’t replace me as a coach, it just makes my job easier and has the potential to bring me many more athletes. Let me tell you how TriDot is redefining the landscape, much like how Netflix transformed our approach to watching movies from the days of Blockbuster Video.


From Generic Plans to Personalized Precision

Triathlon training is a complex interplay of swimming, cycling, and running – a true test of endurance, skill, and strategy. Traditional training plans often follow a one-size-fits-all approach, similar to the generic nature of Blockbuster Video's movie recommendations. (Remember when Blockbuster would release the latest new movie but only some members of the family were interested in watching it?) However, TriDot emerges as the Netflix of the triathlon world, revolutionizing coaching by leveraging AI for personalized, precise, and adaptive training. Netflix takes into consideration the particular preferences of each member of the audience and will actually suggest movies you might like based on what you have previously watched. Similarly, TriDot takes into account the individual attributes of the athlete as well as training conditions such as temperature, humidity, elevation, etc.


Understanding Training Stress

TriDot's deep-thinking AI goes beyond the surface, comprehending the intricacies of training stress on the body. Much like how Netflix algorithms understand our viewing preferences, TriDot's AI analyzes and adapts to an athlete's unique physiology, ensuring that each training session optimally contributes to their overall progression. For example, a 45 year old female has a very different physiology than a 65 year old male athlete.


Environmental Considerations

TriDot sets itself apart by incorporating environmental factors – a feature that generic plans often overlook. Much like Netflix adapting recommendations to our preferences, TriDot considers hot and cold temperatures, altitude, humidity, wind, and individual factors such as age, body composition, performance ability, and genetics. This holistic approach ensures that every aspect influencing an athlete's performance is accounted for. Traditional plans and platforms do not do this.


Triathlon Coach using AI

The Pitfall of Generic Plans

Using a generic training plan is akin to sticking to the Blockbuster model – driving to the Blockbuster store, bringing a bag of videos to return, then shopping the store for more videos to take with you. If they didn’t have your video you had to wait until someone returned it. This is “so 90’s” as my daughter would say-outdated and limited. TriDot recognizes that each athlete is unique, necessitating a tailored approach. This advanced platform sets realistic expectations, employs well-layered progression, ensures balance across disciplines, promotes effective recovery, and fosters long-term sustainability. What I have really noticed so far is that recovery is huge on TriDot. If my athlete rides longer or harder than what is prescribed, the AI will adjust that week’s workouts to accommodate the extra effort.


The TriDot Advantage: Tailoring Success

TriDot's AI doesn't just adapt; it tailors success. By creating personalized plans, it ensures that athletes reach their full potential, surpassing generic approaches that often lead to burnout or suboptimal performance. I will admit that there have been many times where I have questioned giving my already tired Ironman athlete a 5 or 6 hour bike ride. TriDot knows when you are fatigued and adjusts accordingly. How cool is that?


Sooooo where do we go from here? As far as my business is concerned, I will gradually be converting to the TriDot app in the future for all my coached athletes (unless of course they prefer Training Peaks) For athletes who are on the fence about hiring a coach, there are other options for training without a personal coach. Right now TriDot is offering a FREE 2 month trial to all athletes. If you decide you want to continue from there, or maybe move on to a Premium athlete, we can certainly talk about this.


Here is the link to 2 free months of TriDot. I urge you to take advantage of this!


I am new to this platform but determined to know more as I navigate through the TriDot trainings. I am officially listed as a TriDot Coach along with my Ironman and USAT Certifications.  I feel it is my obligation to share this new platform with you because it is so amazing. I urge you to try it out for yourself for absolutely FREE! I would love your feedback!


It is no doubt that TriDot’s cutting edge and innovative platform is not going away. Over the past few weeks I’ve gone from resisting AI out of fear to embracing it with hopes for a better coaching experience for both coach and athlete. My goal is to use AI-driven coaching that adapts, evolves, and propels athletes towards their goals so that I have more time to build stronger relationships with them. It's just about that time to leave behind the Blockbuster era of the 90’s and embrace the personalized, dynamic, and precise experience with TriDot– the Netflix of triathlon training.


If you’d like to chat further with me about the above content or about your upcoming races, book a call with me by clicking the purple box below!



Mary Timoney

Ironman University Certified Coach

USAT Triathlon Coach

USA Cycling Coach

ACSM Trainer



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