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Personal Trainer, College Station, TX

I became a Personal Trainer in 2008 up in Providence Rhode Island. We were stationed at the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island as my husband was active duty United States Marine at the time. ACSM was offering this course in October and I made up my mind that I would take the test no later than February in order to have it completed before we had orders somewhere else. I have heard that ACSM is the HARDEST most challenging PT certification you can get and I think they were right. It is HEAVY on the sciences- biology, chemistry, kinesiology, physiology. When it came time to take the test I was SUPER nervous because although I always did well in Math, the sciences were hard for me. After nearly 2 and a half hours sitting at a computer screen I finished the last question and hit SEND. I bowed my head, looked down and PRAYED for about 30 seconds. I waited a few minutes and then the screen indicated that I had passed!!! I was eternally grateful that I would not have to take it again and that this giant challenge was finally over and I was CERTIFIED!

It has been an amazing journey to say the least. This certification opened my eyes to the many opportunities for fitness. I have trained many clients since then-from elderly folks who just want someone to talk to to competitive athletes wanting to better their next Adventure Race or Triathlon. Being a Personal Trainer in College Station, Texas has grown me as a person and built my confidence as a professional. I have trained many Aggies from Texas A&M to include both students and professors there. I am honored and privileged to call College Station my home and hope to have lots more amazing clients from this community! I have a huge passion for the sport of triathlon and love to help people reach their fitness and nutrition goals as well. So message me or email me and I can help you!! :)

Personal Trainer College Station Texas

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