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Why You Don't Want to Wait Until the New Year to Start Working Out

I have been a Personal Trainer in College Station Texas for over 5 years now. Before this I worked with the Marines and Navy Personnel aboard several different military bases across the United States. I have seen all kinds of people on their fitness journey come and go. Those who are COMMITTED are usually the ones with a concrete goal in mind. Usually this is some sort of competition or event such as a Tough Mudder, Triathlon, or an upcoming wedding. Getting into a fitness routine is a lot easier if you are looking ahead to something that makes you feel good about yourself.

So why do people tend to let their fitness go to crap at the holidays? Is it because we are surrounded by so much food with parties, gatherings, holiday events, etc? Is it because people are SUPER busy with shopping, decorating, and baking that there is just no time to work out?

In my opinion, there just isn't much going on in the month of December, so people have no real goals to work towards. Most weddings, races, athletic events are in the spring and summer months so the incentive to put everything into working out is low. Here is my take on this: Why prolong getting back to a fitness routine for January 1st when you could be starting RIGHT NOW? Waiting 3 weeks is only going to make getting started again that much harder. Starting NOW will help you eat better, sleep better, manage holiday stress, and feel better about yourself during the rush. When you already own your fitness routine, come January first you are one step ahead of the game. That is ONE LESS thing for you to worry about in the new year because you already have it as a priority on your list.

CONSISTENCY all year round is KEY!! Don't be in one day and out the next. It's those DAILY HABITS that add up over time to serve you well. Make your fitness routine just like your morning coffee- do it every day at the same time. The earlier the better because as the day goes on, it is more likely to be taken away from you.

Need a personal trainer? Or some accountability? Help with nutrition? Then drop your email on my website!!

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