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Best Running Form Drills

For almost every run workout for my athletes I incorporate running form drills to improve speed, agility, technique, and run form. Running drills not only improve coordination and form, but they can strengthen functionally weak area's of an athlete's run.

I like to warm up my athletes with a half mile or one mile easy around the track then do form drills after that. This gets their heart rate elevated and blood flowing to the extremities before the main set of the workout.

There are PLENTY of run form drills to choose from besides the ones in this video. For that reason, I am going to list Ironman University's list of run form drills for you to have on hand at your next track workout! Enjoy and use these as you see fit!

Running Drills

Toe walking with opposite ankle dorsiflexion

Walking on toes with toes pointed in

Walking on toes with toes pointed out

Single foot hopping

Barefoot walking in place

Barefoot running in place

Run with metronome set at 180 bpm


Arm swings

Side bends (lateral flexion)

Butt kicks

Ankle bounce

Runniing karoke

Sprinting through T2

T2 repeats

Tiny T2-jump off bike get into running shoes and gear as fast as possible-repeat 6X shaving seconds off each time

Towel lifts with toes

Single leg deadlifts

Heel raises

Bench step ups

Side shuffle

Single leg squats

High knee jogging

Travel lunge

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