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Why I LOVE the TRX Suspension Trainer

I have been doing TRX since 2009 when I got certified to teach it. I started teaching it on the Marine Corps base to a room full of active duty Marines and Sailors aboard Parris Island. If you want to work your CORE like no other workout you've ever done, then you need to start doing TRX!

The TRX can be used with other equipment as well- sometimes I add in the Bosu Ball, Kettle Bells, or dumb bells. You can make it into a HIIT workout and add cardio such as running or burpees in between sets. The TRX is super simple to use, it transports easily, and you can use it anywhere where you can hang it. For my boot camps I used to hang it on a tree branch and make it part of a circuit workout.

The great thing about TRX is that almost every single move you do with it engages the CORE. It is great for injured athletes that don't want a lot of pounding on their body. I have seen the TRX used in PT clinics and for rehab. You can even do YOGA with the TRX and get some of the best flexibility training and stretching that I have seen.

I love using it for Triathletes because you can work all of the muscles used in swim, bike, and run. Every triathlete needs to incorporate strength training into their routine and the TRX is a great non-impact way to do this! In the video below, I show some of my favorites. Use these moves as you see fit in your workout routine! Need a triathlon coach or trainer? Message me here!

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