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What to Do When Your Training Week Goes to SHIT

OK so this week I had EVERY intention of working hard in my business, getting in some good training rides, 2 or 3 strength sessions, 3 solid swims, and a few runs. I am getting ready for vacation and I know I won't be on a regular schedule, so this week I was banking on getting in some good workouts and feeling accomplished before I have a week long break.

All of my plans went to shit this week. I got super carried away in orthopedic appointments for my feet, an unexpected dental appointment for my son (who ended up with a tooth being pulled), and a friend from the gym in deep crisis. Not to mention it poured rain just before we were supposed to have Triathlon Club bike ride tonight.

I missed out on 2 lifts and 2 rides, and 1 swim, and it's already Thursday night now. I only had one good lifting session and yes I am feeling kinda yucky from not working out- I usually have a lot more activity going on each week but this week sort of just went out the window right before my eyes.

I always tell my athletes that if something unexpected comes up that they should not try and do 4 workouts the next day to make up for lost hours of training. To me that is not only stressful on your mind, but it's stressful on your body as well. So listen to me I am going to say it again," Do NOT do a bunch of workouts in a row to make up for lost workouts!"

The very best thing you can do is take a deep breath and REGROUP. That's it. Don't look back and stress out- just decide that you will move forward from there. If you missed an important long ride or run, try to get half of that distance in some time during the week if you have time. Over the course of 20 weeks of Ironman training, one bad week is NOT going to kill you.

If you are ALL IN and working hard, putting in honest efforts and staying CONSISTENT, one lost week isn't going to throw you off that much. Promise. You are human and sometimes we just can't control our circumstances. Just do the very best you can and move on from it. It happens to everyone and that I can tell you for sure having coached a lot of athletes the past few years.

So as the weekend approaches, decide that you will start fresh and get back on track. If you were lazy you wouldn't be training for a triathlon, so have confidence that you can make this happen no matter what! Keep on training!

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