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How to Overcome that Monday BLAH Feeling

I was on vacation for the past 10 days and upon returning this past Saturday I was well aware that Sunday would be a "catch up" day having been gone for so long. In the back of my mind I was dreading that all of my work had piled up for me while I was gone and I started to go into PANIC MODE.

It doesn't have to be this way.

You can simplify your Monday morning start to the week and make it WAY LESS TRUAMATIC! That's right. The key is to follow my 4 tips which I will list for you here:

1. Set your week up for success by planning out your Monday on Sunday night! That's right! I am sort of old fashioned and I like to actually WRITE OUT my day with a pen and my planner. If you like Google Calendar that's just fine too. I write down the top 3 things that I want to accomplish in my business and/or personally in list form. I list any errands or chores I need to do on the side of each row in my planner. This way, when Monday comes, I have already thought out the day's work and it's not so overwhelming.

2. AFFIRM that Monday will be an amazing day and VISUALIZE yourself accomplishing all of your tasks without stress. You can actually go to iTunes and download lots of different types of AFFIRMATIONS- business, self confidence, healing, making money, just to name a few. I put them on my iPod and then listen as I fall asleep at night. This is a GREAT way to program your subconscious mind for success!

3. Stay OFF social media until you have read 10 pages of a good personal development book or listened to an empowering podcast. Brendon Burchard (a motivational speaker who I follow) says that social media will only bring you down first thing in the morning because often we compare ourselves to what others are doing and get lost in the scrolling. He says to not answer email either until you have OWNED your day. That means not responding to anyone else except the things YOU create for yourself and your work. This is GREAT advice in my opinion!

4. DO YOUR WORKOUT FIRST THING IN THE MORNING. When you do this there is pretty much NOTHING that can take it away from you. As the day goes on more and more things can come up that require your time and energy. I don't know about you but by 6pm I am pretty tired and I don't want to do one more thing. That's why I work out in the morning- I can check that off my list, I feel amazing and ready to give the day my full energy.

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