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Why You Should Do a Swim Gait Analysis

Swimming is all about EFFICIENCY in the water. It’s pretty simple- the better your swim economy the faster you will move through the water. You won’t really know what your swim actually looks like, however, until you have someone else take a thorough look.


I HIGHLY recommend a swim gait analysis if you really want to see where you can improve your stroke. It only takes a few hundred yards to do, and the results are totally worth it.


I video you doing a 100 yard swim where I count your strokes per lap and record your 100 yard swim time. I look carefully at all phases of your stroke from before the catch to the recovery and how you glide through the water. I go through my Ironman Checklist and note the things I see that you need to change in order to improve your swim economy. Swimmers are usually surprised when I find little things they don't even know they are doing. I then write up a report and you can start working on improving.


If we can’t do this in person, you can have someone video you and text or email it to me. I need views from the end of the pool and laterally as well. Wanna know more? Message me! Or you can go to the home page of and sign up now!

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