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Why I Love the TRX Workout for Triathletes

I have been doing TRX since 2007 when it was introduced to me on the Marine Corps base. One of the trainers took me through a workout and I quickly realized that this was something amazing. Almost every single move utilizes the core, which is the foundation for almost everything we do as athletes.

I loved the fact that so many of the moves were "pulling" motions which is ideal for swimmers. That's not to say that the TRX lacks in pushing moves either. You can do push-ups, chest presses, and tricep extensions using this piece of amazing equpipment.

There are countless lower body moves one can do on the TRX, many of which utilize the arms and shoulders as well. I love the squat into Y Fly move for an upper and lower body move combined. I am a huge fan of the single leg runner's lunge holding 5 pound weights for added resistance.

As for abs and core, there is nothing like the TRX. There are so many moves that can be done with your feet in the cradles in either an elbow plank or hand plank. I for one like to add other pieces of equipment such as a Bosu Ball, Kettle Bell, or a set of dumb bells to the mix to change things up and make it interesting.

Lately I have been doing TRX Yoga which I often find on the website. They have a slew of great 15/30/45/60 minute workouts for all ability levels. The Yoga is a nice way to lengthen and stretch sore or tired muscles and gain some flexibility.

I made this workout a few years ago but wanted to share it with you. I will be creating a few more in the coming weeks so stay tuned! Hope you enjoy. Don't forget to sign up for my newsletter on this site! Need a triathlon coach? Click HERE to shoot me an email and I will get back with you shortly!

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