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Full Body Equalizer Workout for Triathletes

Full body equalizer workout for triathletes! You can do this anywhere!

For most iron distance triathletes, finding time to strength train can be a difficult task given the amount of time spent with swim, bike and run. Most athletes don't have time to spend hours in the gym in addition to the responsibilities of work, family, sports, and triathlon training. I am not at all saying that strength training is not important because it is. Strength training can be the key to your success in your sports because it builds muscular strength, muscular endurance, and power, all of which are important when racing. It can even help prevent injuries.

So how and where to fit it in? Sometimes I tell my athletes to give me two 30 min sessions per week if they are having a hard time finding an hour. Another option is to do your strength training 30 minutes before a track workout. This can be done with body weight only and be very effective. I have also found that workouts that use only one piece of equipment are easy and convenient for time crunched athletes. For example, a kettle bell, barbell, or a set of 10 pound weights can be used for a full body workout without requiring a ton of equipment.

One of my favorite pieces of equipment that I have used over the years is the Equalizer bars. These cost about $100 and are well worth the investment. The fit easily in the back of your car for easy transport, or you can simply bring them outside on your patio or pool deck with a mat. If you can muster up a little bit of creativity, these bars can be a very effective full body workout. There are a ton of videos on YouTube for this piece of equipment and yes some of them are a little out of the box. You don't have to be able to do handstands or upside down pushups though. Keep it simple!

In the video below I share with you a full body Equalizer workout that I made up from scratch. It incorporates every major muscle group used in swim, bike, and run. This is super easy to follow and you can add to it to make it your own. Generally I do 2 to 3 sets of 12 reps for each exercise. I purchased my bars on Amazon and they do come in several different colors. Have fun with it and let me know how you like it!

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