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Bottom Line: You Gotta Do the Nutrition. Period.

So I became a Personal Trainer in 2009 and before that I taught group exercise since about 2007. I was all about the working out and the racing and honestly I really never thought about the nutrition end of things. I pretty much ate WHAT I wanted WHEN I wanted and never really gave it much thought.

Throughout my life I've had many fluctuations in my weight for various reasons. In college I weighed the most I ever weighed and it was something around 135-138 on a good day. Even though I was an avid runner I was pretty much on the junk food and alcohol wagon every single weekend. I would go to the gym on campus and I had several running routes that were my regulars, but like they say, you can't out run a bad diet and it was out running me.

At the other extreme, I went through a very dark time after my first baby was born and had a huge battle with postpartum depression. I was dropping weight like crazy and at my 6 week appointment I weighed only 111 pounds. I was putting in a lot of mileage simply to fight the stress I was under. I was struggling badly and not eating much. I was tired, scared, and I didn't have my family to help me because we were living on the Marine Corps base. It was a tough time but God gave me the strength to get through it eventually.

Fast forward to 2018 and all that I have learned about nutrition since then. So often I get a training client that messages and tells me that they want to lose weight and need motivation, accountability, and basically a kick in the butt. Years ago I would get them started on a weight training program and we would start hammering it out in the gym, often without much success. To me this was totally frustrating because I started to see that hours in the gym is MUCH LESS effective than eating well. At the time I was working at a gym that didn't allow trainers to give any nutrition advice or suggest nutrition programs to clients. What a WASTE! I felt almost trapped working there because I couldn't give people the one component that they REALLY needed and that was the NUTRITION.

So I quit working for someone else and went on my own. And now I offer my Beachbody nutrition for training and coaching clients. I am not a nutritionist or dietician, but I can send folks to people that are and who stand behind some of the best nutrition programs money can buy. It is a NO BRAINER that you need nutrition AND workouts to get an athlete where they want to be.

I am a HUGE fan of Shakeology and have been drinking it for almost 5 years now. It has lowered my cholesterol, kept my weight down, and it stops junk food cravings like a champ! I recommend it to all my clients and athletes because it is amazing all natural nutrition and a reasonable price. Go to shakeology.com/marytimoney.

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