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Need a Running Coach in College Station Texas?

I have been a runner since 9th grade. I had been a gymnast my whole life and I always supplemented workouts in the gym with regular running outside in my neighborhood. My sophomore year of high school I decided to try the cross country team and it sure was tough. I LOVED the feeling that running gave me and being part of an amazing and competitive team was a ton of fun. From there I became a 100m hurdler and 300m hurdler at Spring track. In college running for me was an outlet from the stresses of a full workload. When you marry a United States Marine you are SURROUNDED by athletes and folks who make working out a lifestyle. in 1994 I ran my first Marathon and from there went on to run several half and full marathons in my career. I knew I needed more cross training as running can take a toll on your body if you are not careful, so I became a triathlete and have stuck with that ever since.

I have worked with several running clients over the past few years. Usually running clients come to me to 1. get faster, 2. improve their form, or 3. get ready for a race. Sometimes it's all of the above. I usually video the athlete several times as they run around the track and look at where they are striking the ground, their forward lean, and their rear leg. I look at shoulder positioning, arm positioning, and posture. Many people struggle with the run part of a triathlon because they are tired by the run part of the race and their form goes to crap. With a little instruction we can remedy this common mistake.

Striking on the FOREFOOT is key and will lighten the load on the runner's ankles, knees, and hips. There are many drills I can show the athlete to train their body to run more on their forefoot/toes that typical heal striking. Watch the video below for some of my best drills for runners!!! Need a running coach in College Station Texas?? Then message me!!

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