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Thoughts on Showing Up Every Single Day

I write this post on a rainy and chilly Monday in February. Certainly not the most motivating time of the year to be outside on a bike, in a pool, our outside running. For many, the thought of getting out of bed in the dark and cold is less than enticing. But like anything else, there is a way around these negative thoughts, and I am going to show you how to stay positive and motivated by showing up each day!

First of all, showing up is a DECISION, not a FEELING. Deciding ahead of time is key and not going back on your word to yourself is super important. This is true of anything in life - your business, your workouts, family, etc.

Things that are easy to do are also easy not to do. Reaching out to 3 new prospects per day is a simple daily task that will pay off in your business. Not doing this will have a detrimental effect over time. You have to show up EVERY DAY, not just Monday and Wednesday if you want to run a business, lose weight, or get faster at your next 5K.

Not only do you need to SHOW UP, but you must be ON TIME and with a GOOD ATTITUDE. There are many days when I don't feel like showing up for my business and I will try to avoid it by sneaking in lunch with a friend, adding another hour on for a workout, or playing around on social media. These little excuses don't help you grow or move forward. Attitude is everything. Staying positive can move mountains. And being on time, well, that is just RESPECTFUL to you and everyone else. Set the example and BE the example.

If showing up on time and with a good attitude is important to you, then you will find a way to do this. If not, you will find an EXCUSE. I've worked in fitness for many years now, and I've seen people fall off and on the wagon. But the folks who stay with their plan and see results are those who have ZERO EXCUSES.

Motivation and "showing up" must come from within. The longer I am in the business of coaching and training athletes and clients, my focus is much narrower now. I can usually tell right off the bat when someone is falling off the wagon. I no longer want to work with people like this. I choose to work with athletes because they have an intrinsic motivation like no other. They don't make excuses, they have a great big goal ahead of them, and they are willing to do the work to get there. No babysitting, no checking up on them. They don't sleep in, rarely miss workouts, and are excited to show up every day.

Motivated, excited, and hungry. That's what I am looking for. That's what it takes.

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