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Bike Strength Workout

Hey athletes! I just created this workout for some of my athletes who are looking to get stronger on the bike. I took these exercises pretty much straight from Ironman University and threw in a few of my own. This is a full body workout and you can do as many sets as you have time for. You don't need to spend hours and hours in the gym doing strength work- all it takes is about 30 minutes if you use your time efficiently.

So here you go- use this workout as you see fit.

Bike Strength

Equipment: dumb bells, kettle bell, resistance bands, resisaball, barbell or cushy bar

Warm up-10-8-6-4-2

Pushup side plank reach, reverse lunge with a twist, Alternating ball slams (R/L)


(50 sec work/10 sec rest)

1 Dumb bell bent over rows

2 Step ups on a bench holding two 10 or 15lb weights

3 Single leg dead lift holding Kettle bell (R)

4 Single leg dead lift holding Kettle bell (L)

5 Dumb bell front raise/lateral raise

6 Plyo squat

7 Monster walk with bands

8 Resistaball pike pushup

9 Hamstring curls with Resistaball

10 Squat holding bar overhead (back stability)

11 Step on bench curl to reverse overhead press

12 Fire hydrants with band (R and L)

Repeat 2-3 times as time permits! Have fun with it!

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