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Why I Love the TRX Workout

Reasons why I like TRX:

1. It engages your CORE for almost every move.

2. You can build some wicked upper body strength.

3. It’s great for swimmers because of all the “pulling” motions.

4. The plank moves will give you a ripped looking middle if you do them consistently.

5. It is nice to your joints and there is very little pounding which is good for runners who need a break from the daily grind of lots of miles.

6. You can do it just about anywhere there is place to hang it.

I’ve seen it hung from a football goal post, tall fences, a tree, a pull up bar, and underneath rafters at a baseball park. I've even seen it hung from a vehicle up on a hill!

I gotta say I am LOVING this workout right now and thinking about getting certified in the TRX YOGA. I am a HUGE fan of this program because it is nice to your body and builds incredible flexibility which is one of the top 5 components for physical fitness according to American College of Sports Medicine.

Thinking about working with a Certified Coach? Message me HERE!

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