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Body Weight Training for Triathletes

Many times athletes think that they need a big gym full of fancy equipment in order to get their strength training done. While dumb bells and bar bells are great and I use them a lot myself, sometimes it's nice to get in a workout at home or at a park using just body weight.

It's kinda like running- requires no equipment and it's FREE! One of my favorite workouts is at our local park. There is a running trail there and a perfect half mile loop around the lake. I've brought many clients here over the years and it's a great place to sweat for an hour or so.

This video is taken at said park and as you can see I am using all of my own body weight (and a park bench, LOL) for this workout. I chose just a few but there is so much you can do with a bench, a pull up bar, and a running path.

I hope you will take these moves and make them your own! Share this video and have fun with it!

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