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10 Dynamic Stretches for Runners

Dynamic stretches are active movements that bring the muscles and joints through a full range of motion. These are usually done before an athlete is getting ready for sport to help warm up the body. Dynamic stretches are highly functional, meaning they mimic the movement of the sport or activity closely. Think about a runner doing high skips before before running, or a swimmer doing arm circles before getting in the pool.

These are quite different than static stretches because of the range of motion and movement. It's always a good idea to incorporate dynamic stretching before any workout to get the body ready for the activity it's about to do.

Ironman University lists several great dynamic stretches for runners which I share with you in this post. I have demonstrated each one with a short video, and I hope you will use these regularly before each run.

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1. High Skip

2. Inchworms

3. Heel Walk

4. Knee Grabs

5. Static Lunge

6. Foot Cradles

7. Traveling Quad Stretch

8. Frankenstein Kicks

9. Low Lunge and Reverse Low Lunge

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